Friday, August 31, 2012


Hey everyone!!! I'm Samantha Trice, as you saw in my bio, from New York. Some people call me very girly-girl and that is true I guess, but aren't girls supposed to be girly-girl not "tom boy"!!! I mean really!!! Anyway, why I'm doing this blog is to encourage friends to stick to being friends, even if it feels like your climbing a huge mountain together and y'all are racing each other, not encouraging the one who's struggling the most. I hope this blog helps you, and I wan to announce my only best friend that would never give up on me is....... Bailey Crewshay!!! She is my bestest friend in the world!!!! I've known her since first grade, and that's a long time!!!! Even though she's so opposite from me, I still like her, and she still likes me. Anyway, she has four brothers, and a mom and dad. Yup, she's the only girl. Oops!!!! I forgot to tell y'all, I'm the only child. It's fun, but I also really want a baby sister. I get lonely sometimes. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy my blog!!! (I'm new to this blog stuff, so I'll be making 
lots of changes)