Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thank you Britt!!!!

Hey guys!!! Like my new design??? I would like to give my thanks to Britt at
She has a wonderful and encouraging blog. I love it!!! Britt really has a talent for designing and is a beautiful young lady. THANKS AGAIN BRITT!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hey everyone!!! I'm so excited I have 2 followers now!!! Thanks Britt and Lindy Jo!!! I know y'all have more followers than this, and it may seem silly to you, but 2 followers is a lot to me!!!! I can't wait to tell Bailey (my best friend)!! Oh, I forgot to tell y'all, Bailey's birthday is October 2nd. I may post something for her that day, but I may be busy that day. We're planning a surprise party at the skating rink. She will walk in thinking it's just a normal skating lesson but all the lights will be turned off then we will all yell, SURPRISE!!! We'll have cake and give her mini presents. After that, she'll come over to my house and spend the night, and ride with me to school the next morning. I'm SO excited. So, I may post something in honor of her and have her quest post too. Well, blog to ya later!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Odds and Ends

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted. I've been busy with school and homework, and of coarse, skating practice. I just wanted to let my readers know that even if you're not a skater, please still read my blog and follow it. I'll be posting stuff other than skating too. So this is what my post will be about. The odds and ends of me and of my blog. Here's ten odds and ends about me......

1. I have a pet girl hamster named Sprinkle, and a girl cat named Jingle
2. I am an only child
3. My favorite school class is history
4. My favorite food is Tortellini
5. My favorite color is pink and blue
6. I am twelve years old
7. I'm running out of stuff to put
8. I'm new to blogger
9. My best friend is eleven, almost twelve
10. I've attempted to play piano, but failed

Now, here are some odds and ends about my blog.

1. I started my blog on August 31st
2. I LOVE blogging
3. I wish I had more followers
4. My designs will keep on changing until I find one that fits me
5. I will be posting more often

Thanks for reading,

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hey everybody!!!! I just got back from skating practice. Here's a picture my mom took of me :)

My best friend Bailey does it too. She was right next to me in this picture. This is who I'm smiling at. Our instructor is named Ms. Malorie. Well, gotta go. Bye everyone!!!