Friday, March 1, 2013

Ugghhhhh!!! Sick and Homework!

I am sick so no school but I still have boring homework. Ughhhhh to both of those things. Being sick and school work really just don't go together. Okay, okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little much but I am just so bored! Any ideas what to do? Please comment ideas!!!!


  1. Maybe read a book? :) Or write a story!

  2. How about make a fort with a bunch of pillows and blankets and then do your homework in it, so you can still relax while you do your homework! if that makes sense.

    1. Ooooo!! Sounds fun! I will try that :D

  3. AWWW:(:(:( I hate being sick!! it stinks on ice!! Well, maybe you could guest post for me! lol. Or you could play with your cat and dress him up in Build-A-Bear clothes (guilty of doing it) or American Girl Doll clothes.