Monday, December 10, 2012

Road Trip part 2: South Carolina :)

I have a tiny bit of wifi connection here, so I'll try to hurry and do this post :P

Anyway, we are about to go to North Carolina but we're kind've staying a hotel. We're about to head out I just wanted to get y'all some pics :)

We went to the South Carolina Aquarium :)

Cool, huh

Caleb looking into the fish window :)

Uhhhh, creepy!!!

Danielle and Zach looking into the fish window

This is a shark tank and you could walk under it. They persuaded me so I did it. It was so creepy!!!

This is not the aquarium but we went to explore Savannah so this is part of the Savannah River

We went on a little airplane thingy and got to see it up high :) :)

 The next day we went to Brookgreen Gardens

Uncle Jim with a statue



That night we went Family Kingdom Amusement Park

Should I ride it????

Well I did!!!! (my mom took this photo) It was scary!!!!

Gtg now :(
I'll get you pictures of North Carolina once our adventures end there ;)


  1. looks like lots of fun! Hey I was wondering if I could make you a header?! It is fine if you say "No" I just enjoy making them for fun, and I thought it would be fun to make one for you:) don't feel like you have to say "yes" I will be fine if you say"No"!

    1. Yes please make a header for me!!! The one I made for myself kind of failed :/ Email it to me @

    2. ok, I will sent it too you asap!

  2. Sounds like y'all had SO MUCH FUN!!!

  3. that looks like fun! I love going to aquariums! Sorry I haven't been on your blog in so long!