Sunday, December 2, 2012

Road Trip: Part 1: Georgia

Hey guys! We're doing a road trip coming back and we are about to leave Georgia. I had a lot of fun! Georgia's a nice state. Here's some pictures.......

We went to Stone Mountain Park :)

We climbed up the mountain :) The view was amazing!!!

This was the lift up to the mountain. Creepy, no?

My family persuaded me to go on the lift! It was actually not as scary as you think. This is the look down

Here's the laser show spectacular we show at night time. It was pretty cool

We went to Atlanta that night after stone mountain and stayed at a hotel (it was like 1:00 am when we got to the hotel)

Look at the traffic in the morning at 6:50 am!!!! (we're headed to the zoo!!!!)

Yay!!! The zoo!!!!

The beavers!!! ADORABLE!!!

The Giraffe's and a Zebra in the background :)

The elephants!!!!!

Aunt Marla, Zach, Caleb and Danielle in the "bird nest"

Danielle and Zach with a monkey statue

The gorilla family!!!!

The lion daddy!!!!

More road trip pictures coming soon from different states!!! Thanks for reading!!!!!


  1. ha!ha! I live in GA, and I have been to the same zoo, and i have also been to Stone Mountain! I have the same picture of me and my friends in the bird nest :P so cool!

  2. No way! I have been to Stone Mountain and that same exact water fountain in Atlanta. Can't wait to see more pictures from Georgia!